Australia Is Getting Closer..

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day


So... We started this website just after deciding that we wanted to go travelling to Australia, that was way back in February!!

We didn't want to get too excited for it but at the same time we had to do some research and make sure we knew what life would be like on the road.

We have focused lots of energy on saving money by doing things like downgrading from contract phones to payg SIM cards, which has saved me about £40 a month!!

I also gave up driving my car after its MOT, tax and insurance ran out, which has really helped me put more into my Aus fund.

My little cosmic car waiting for a new owner to come collect it :'(

Hannah needs her car as she runs her own dog walking business, but that will be going when the time comes :)

Which brings me back to the main topic.. the time is fast approaching and we have both started to feel the excitement start to build.

We have about 3/4 months until we jump on that plane and say goodbye to our family and friends for at least 2 years...

Carrying my soon to be home on my back :P

Our savings are on track for where we want them to be in March, but we haven't yet got round to sorting our visa's or flights! That is something we will most probably be addressing during December. Then it will really start to feel real!

We have however made other big changes, like selling stuff, like my car and off-loading our general clutter to the charity shop! We will most likely do a car boot sale nearer the time we go, just to get rid of the final bits and bobs we don't need. And make a little extra pocket-money!

I'll soon be saying goodbye to Hythe, Southampton, which has become my second home since meeting Taran last year :)

I've been cleaning and organizing my bedroom endlessly, i don't know how i still have more stuff to get rid of!

I am not a huge fan of these darker nights leading up to the excitement of Christmas, I find myself lacking energy and motivation most evenings. But I have been using my time to think even more about Australia, and frankly, it has made me nervous!

Nervous in a good way. It feels right and i feel ready to leave behind my home but I fight back tears at the thought of leaving family. But I just tell myself, i will keep in regular contact over Skype etc, to make the distance feel a little less wrenching!

So, there's a little update for you! Keeping you informed on where we are along this journey. Feels like the time before you actually travel is the one in which you can change the most; become less materialistic, more focused and more positive, as the dream of seeing the world is slowly turning into a reality.


We are Taran & Hannah from the South of England. After meeting online, we realized our mutual passion for travelling. Follow us, as we prepare to travel the world and set off on little more than our wits and a few £s, and maybe get inspired to see a little more of the world as well.

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