Hannah's America Travel Diary, Part 2: NEW YORK BABY

Hannah's America Travel Diary, Part 2: NEW YORK BABY

My 6-year old blog entries from my first big backpacking trip, to the US!

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8th February, 2009, Arriving in NYC

"First off, i'm gunna get the moans out of the way! My feet have never hurt so much and ive never felt so exhausted. My little legs may soon fall off as they haven't been made to walk so much in 3 months let alone 3 days!However, i have 3 of the best days ever!"

Got my moans out the way!


"...The hostel is called 'Central Park Hostel' and it literally is on central park. So we dropped off our heavy bags and walked the whole of central park, taking in the amazing views over the Jackie o'nassis reservoir, a castle which i have forgotten the name of, the great lawn, Bethesda terrace where the lake and famous posh boathouse restaurant are situated. 

We basically walked 50+ blocks by walking the whole park from 103rd avenue to 59th and 5th avenue but it was well worth it, it was surprisingly warm and the skys were blue but everything was still snow covered.

It was about 10 degrees, so much warmer than expected. It made it such a nice stop; far more autumnal and pretty than the harshness of the deep winter!

"We then got a train to 72nd and realised we'd have to walk 30-0dd blocks to our hostel, i had my miserable face on for this as the foot rot was setting in! "

Foot rot, the technical medical term for 'holy shit my feet hurt'. And it showed in my photos, in a few of me I was not even bothering to smile...

"After a much needed nights sleep we woke up early and headed to a cafe in time square for breaky which is situated next to the hotel I stayed at with college in 2007, a lot of pancakes were eaten! We then got the subway way Downtown and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge... The view of nyc from the bridge is breathtaking and you can pretty much see the whole of the city from lower to upper just sitting in the middle of the bridge..."

Loved the bridge!!

"We then got a subway back uptown and ate lunch outside the Rockefeller Centre on 5th avenue. We then went to the top of the rockefeller center and took pics of what i think is the best view of nyc, better than that from the empire state building.

We headed down the 5th avenue again, stopping at St. someones cathedral (patrick or paul, cant remember,i'm tired)...We were knackered by this point so decided to back to the hostel and prepare for the next day in Philadelphia!"

So, I was seemingly tired a lot, struggling with the amount of walking. Here's hoping a year of dog-walking 5 hours a day has better prepared me for Australia!

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