Interview With Crazzzy Travel from Ukraine!

Hello Crazzzy Travel!

This week we have an interview with our pals Illia & Nastia over at Crazzzy Travel, they are a lovely couple from Ukraine who run a great budget travel blog. They have been all around the world and have managed to live on an amazingly small budget, currently living in America as Nastia got a scholarship to study at New York Uni!

First off, when did you decide you wanted to travel and blog about it? And why?

The idea of a blog didn’t come up until January 2014, and this is when we bought and wrote our first articles. Regarding a will to travel – hard to tell, probably it was conceived back when we were kids, in our first trips anywhere. It’s always exciting and keeps the child in you alive, what else can we say! 

Why the name Crazzzy Travel?

"Why not? :) Our travels are always pretty crazy, but since was occupied the imagination flew us to the triple ‘z’ fella :)"

Travelling as a couple can sometimes be stressful, how do you deal with it?

"This question is best answered in Nastia’s story “How to live a life of travel and not kill your partner” ( In short – listen and trust each other, don’t put any problems above your love, have fun!"

What has been your worst and best experience during your travels?

"Our worst experience was in winter 2014 in India, when, first Nastia, then Illia got sick. This country has plenty of weird illnesses floating around so we were not sure what was happening, but luckily we had an insurance and, remember this!, Indian hospitals for foreigners in big cities are pretty good!

It’s hard to point out any particular ‘best experience’ from our travels, probably every trip has something very very special, something we can recollect in moments of sadness or nostalgia. In general, the feeling of being free – from everything and everyone – is the best experience ever, the main active substance in a drug called 'wanderlust'."


What have been the most useful things you have learnt from travel, for example is there any items you would tell people to take with them!

"As we mentioned above, the main thing is, when you’re traveling together, to listen, trust and value each other. Oh, and one universal law for any type of traveler – don’t let the fear overcome. Fear is normal, but it also sucks, so try to stay calm and cool, think things over or have some booze."

How has the conflict in Ukraine affected your lives and those of the people you know there?

"Russia intruding in Ukraine has and still does severely affect our lives and lives of our everyone we know who lives there. Some people we knew were killed, many injured, some went to fight and after many months are still there. Many people including us and our families try help how we can - mostly with money and psychologically (my Dad helps soldiers in hospitals). Many cities and villages were and are being destroyed."

Finally, what are you hopes for the future of Crazzzy Travel? And what are your future hopes for travel?

"No hopes, not expectations for Crazzzy Travel. It is our hobby and we don’t want to put much pressure on it. Regarding hopes for travel – we hope our legs and souls will still carry us to new countries, seas and forests when we are 70, 80, or even 93.5!"

Thanks guys! Make sure you head over to their site and check out some great travel story's!

Rad Sounds:

This track is from a band that Illia shared with me, great trippy creepy french music!


We are Taran & Hannah from the South of England. After meeting online, we realized our mutual passion for travelling. Follow us, as we prepare to travel the world and set off on little more than our wits and a few £s, and maybe get inspired to see a little more of the world as well.

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