Sundays In Autumn: Walking In The New Forest

Sundays In Autumn: Walking In The New Forest

Darkness falls at 4pm these days.

And then he morning sees the grass covered in dew. You can see your breath on the cooler afternoons.

Hot chocolate, oversized scarves and wellington boots.

Autumn has arrived :)

Taran and I are very fortunate in that we live a stones throw from the New Forest National Park, a vast area of natural beauty. Whilst the quaint villages, pubs and small towns nestled inside of it are appealing enough, we quite like to just meander around the woods.


Puddles and sticks, fallen trees, coming across the odd pony, its all in the fun of this relaxing and pretty setting.

The part of the forest we parked at is called Hawkshill. We happened across foundations for lots of small buildings on our walk. I love that kinda stuff!

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