Why I Want To Be A Nomad: Hannah's Thoughts

This time next year, Taran and I will hopefully be upping sticks and bogging off abroad, indefinitely.

That is the whole basis of this website of course.

But this isn't a decision or a whim that came easily for me, even if Mr. Laidback (Taran) found it a much simpler path to choose.

I think anyone who's known me a long time, would describe me as dependable, someone who likes tidiness, routine, predictability, and a sense of safety.

Whilst I'd agree, I'd also like to reject these aspects of myself.

Underneath my veneer of order, control and reliability, there's endless ants in my pants; I want to explore, be excited, enthusiastic, and experience more than what my current life and surroundings can offer.

I get bored quickly and like to be entertained, something Taran thinks is only made worse by my constant surfing of social media; what am I looking for exactly in my endless scrolling? I think I am just trying to be inspired, and current life isn't doing that for me.

Always been known to daydream, and to be a bit of a philosopher (oh dear) I really do crave a life that challenges me, and allows me to focus on something other than the dull-drums of a repetitive (safe) life that England offers.

I think we can all believe ourselves too scared or let ourselves get so comfortable, we forget our true inner desires.

Don't get me wrong, I know people who's inner and outer desire is a well-paid job, nice holidays, a smart house and cosy evenings by the fire, and I would never argue with this choice of lifestyle.

Of course life needs balance, work and play, relaxation and challenge. I just would say that the life others might choose, already bores me, at the age of 23.

I neither have a normal “9-to-5” job nor do I pay a mortgage or aspire to have one. I don't particularly want children (right now), or marriage (it's literally a piece of paper), but I would never criticise those who do.

The world is a big place, full of problems, but also full of beauty, and I want to experience cultures that are alien to me, see sights that blow my mind; I just want to do more than what is easily and readily available to me. That's all it is; I want to eat all the pie, not just taste one teeny bit.

It will be a struggle.

It will be an adjustment full of compromise and most likely, me being homesick. But I believe we can all adapt to a change in surroundings, even more so if we have chosen it for ourselves because it equals something amazing that fulfils our desires and enriches our lives.

So I may be off travelling but I will still appreciate a made bed (albeit in a tent), a cider on the beach (it will be in Australia though), and a bit of social media (I'll be the annoying person instagram-ing every place I visit).


We are Taran & Hannah from the South of England. After meeting online, we realized our mutual passion for travelling. Follow us, as we prepare to travel the world and set off on little more than our wits and a few £s, and maybe get inspired to see a little more of the world as well.

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