Appy' Travels: Our Current Favourite Travel App!

Appy' Travels: Our Current Favourite Travel App!

My phone and I have a love-hate relationship; i love it too much and don't hate it enough, to ever put the darn thing down! But so shoot me, the overpriced, overhyped, over-synced things are very helpful when it comes to daydreaming about our travels!

This weekend we hosted some Couchsurfers (a whole other post coming soon!) and one of the visitors introduced us to the free app (also a website of course) Airbnb, which is available for android and iphone users. When using it, it got us to thinking, maybe we can fit in a little trip abroad this August, as opposed to just sticking to U.K.!

This app allows you to view hosts offering comfortable accommodation, across the world, in every place you can imagine. On their website it states that Airbnb "....connects people to unique travel experiences", which i am sure is true, but i just found it a nifty tool for browsing endlessly, getting more excited by the minute, then using another app to get flight prices, as travelling to some far-flung exotic locations now seemed more affordable and attainable thanks to the prospect of a cheap bed!

The prices which hosts charge for their accommodation range from affordable for a single budget traveller or couple, to slightly on the dearer side for groups, yet still reasonable. You can specify your nightly budget when you input your search, thus weeding out the realistic from the not-gonna-happen options.

What I found was that the quality of accommodation on offer was really good, and hosts are rated and reviewed by users, which means you can book with confidence in my opinion. I suppose these places are sort of a bridge between hostels and hotels, with many of the places on offer being that bit more unique and interesting, yet still very kind to the wallet. It was easy enough to find out the pricing and date availability for each host, with a handy little filter element also, which allows you to specify desired nearby amenities. I nearly booked about 5 different places there and then, despite an empty bank account! However do not fear, if you see a place you love then you can add it to your wish list, and you can even create separate wish lists for different destinations which is what i ended up doing, thanks to my decisiveness over where we want to visit!!

Overall, I liked the use of ease and the appearance of the app, and the website, and will definitely be browsing some more. My only criticism therefore is that there are just so many cool host options all over the world, you might struggle to get past browsing stage! :)

(This is not a sponsored post, merely sharing a useful tool we recently discovered!)


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