My Travel Inspiration: 'Time'

My Travel Inspiration: 'Time'

I've listened to a lot of Pink Floyd in my time, and I fondly remember one summers evening almost a year before starting to travel, being sat in the garden in the fading sun listening to the album, 'Dark Side Of The moon' and the song 'Time' came on; the lyrics really hit me about how quick time flies by! "One day you'll find, 10 years have passed you by".

It made me start thinking about how the last few years seemed to have gone by so quick, and how I could easily just do the same routine and soon enough 10 years would have passed me by and I would probably still be doing the same jobs, in the same place, without any real goals or ambition.

It got me to thinking about travelling and seeing the world and all that it has to offer! I liked the idea of saving up and travelling cheaply, but also loved the idea of getting involved in different cultures and meeting different communities, in the far reaches of the world!

So it was around that time that I decided I wanted to see Europe for 3 months, staying in hostels, so me and Hannah made some plans for this.. But then about that same time, a friend had just returned from a long working holiday in Australia and from the moment I saw the pictures and heard a bit about it I was hooked!

So this became our new plan, which was obviously a lot bigger and required a lot more planning! We eventually set out on the road in early 2015 :D Check out what we are up to now, and where we have been HERE!

So I have Pink Floyd to thank for opening my mind to the world of travelling, if only I had been saving up beforehand for something, then I would of had some better starting funds haha!

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