Jet Boarding Is Insane!

Jet Boarding Is Insane!

I have been waiting to do this since Christmas, and the day finally came!

So to start with you are instructed to do some 'swimming' which is actually just laying on your front in the water with your hands by your side and propelling yourself forward.. Which is quite fun by itself, but you best be prepared for the real fun to start!

Falling with style :P

You will be told to move your legs under you, so you are standing straight and the power will start!

As you rise out of the water like some kinda water demon for the first time, its an incredible feeling but one that will probably be over in seconds when you fall straight back into the water after you lose your balance haha!

Falling without style!

After a few falls, and these falls are from about 15 feet so it is quite a knock when you slam into the water, you start to get the balance figured out and you'll be able to hover above the water really quite high!

Its a weird feeling, standing on a little board that high above the water!

I was loving it so much that I started trying to do some turns, which ended badly to start with.. but I managed to learn it pretty quick.

Then as the session was coming to the end I shouted and asked the instructor if there was anything cool I could try, and he suggested because i was getting the hang of turning that i should try a loop around the jet-ski he was sat on, which I managed to ace :P

Zooming across the water!

I look like I'm posing here..

It really was great fun, and if I had the opportunity/could afford it, I would definitely do it again!!

Thanks for reading!

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