10 Facts: A Little Bit About Us.

Getting to know us....getting to know all about us.


1... Hannah: My favourite films are Castaway, Into the Wild, Sex and the City (mostly 1 but 2 rounds off the series nicely), the Back to the Future trilogy and Bridesmaids.

Taran often wants to watch something that makes him laugh, or any Sci-Fi films! But we both tend to like the same stuff, thankfully!

2... Taran: I absolutely love learning about space and the Universe, its so amazing to just sit and wonder about how much there is out there, and how small we are on this tiny blue dot...

3...Hannah: I hate bugs. I don't want them to suffer or become extinct, but I just don't want them to be in my vicinity. My worse thing is spiders, I get paranoid about the black ones with 5cm-long legs running at me or crawling on me as I sleep. We will be investing in some spider repellent objects once we get to Australia, like maybe a 24/7 beekeeper's suit.

4... Taran: I love painting, and I have recently got really into using spray paints! Below is one example of my work :)

5... Hannah: I eat meat but only red meat occasionally and chicken. I have fallen in love with pigs so can longer bring myself to eat a bacon sandwich.

6... Taran: I have been a vegetarian since about the age of 5, and have never really had a urge to want to eat meat, I also don't get bored of eating vegetarian food (as most people ask me)

7...Hannah: My favourite food doesn't really exist seeing as it changes weekly. But some things I think I will always enjoy; most Mexican food, Caesar salad, fancy gourmet crisps and hot buttered toast. My favourite drinks are creamy hot chocolates, fruit coolers from Costa Coffee, lemonade and tea!

8... Taran: I've never held down a full-time job for more than a year, I guess I've always felt like it just doesn't feel right to spend most of my time slaving away for money just to buy random shit.

9...Hannah: My dream is to one day, build my own tiny little house, situate it on some open land, and live a simpler, cheaper and more sustainable life. There would be a vegetable garden, a greenhouse and a removable deck area to sit and read, and maybe somewhere for a hammock to fall asleep on a summer's day.

10... Taran and Hannah: We cant wait to wake up in Australia and know that we're living the dream of travel that we have been saving hard for. Truly beginning a life of nomadic adventure, will be so worth the wait.


Hannah and Taran here. We hail from Southern England, where we met online and are now realizing our mutual passion for travel here at NomaderHowFar. We discuss Nomadic Living, Simplifying your Life and Long-term Travel, to empower, motivate and inspire our readers.