I Cant Wait to Just GO [The Travel Waiting Game]

I Cant Wait To Just Go - The Travel Waiting Game

Life is so overwhelming sometimes.

*The lead-up to our travels was a stressful time! Now we are now on the road and having the best time*

It's a Tuesday evening and I am sitting at my laptop knowing there's a post in me but my brain feels like a jumble of tiredness.

So many things I am trying to maintain and accomplish right now in my daily life that I end up wanting to do anything other than what I NEED to do.

This is a travel blog, right? Yep, that's what it says on the tin. But behind these posts about places and holidays, planning for backpacking, and saving tips, are two busy people who are currently not 'living the dream'.

We are planning for it, building up to it, accumulating the funds and living a more frugal existence in pursuit of this future travel life which edges closer by the day. But whilst we plan, life doesn't just stop. Nothing pauses, or rests. God does it not.

Right now I have a few things stressing me out. I know I'm stressed when I spend an inordinate amount of time frowning without realizing I am doing it.

I also find myself trying to forge some relaxation time in the late evening only for it to fail; the internet starts playing up, Mad Men then won't stream properly (adore that TV show so damn much) and so I just go to bed, late, and no more reinvigorated by the time just wasted as I tried to forget about the day's struggles. Oh and I go to bed so late which only makes me more tired, silly Hannah.

You might know, from reading about us along the way, that I run a small dog-walking business; by small, I mean I walk up to 12 dogs a day, split into around 5-6 sessions.

I also dog-sit regularly (currently staying with Billy the bull-dog) and seem to be taking on a lot more work recently. It's just barking mad right now...

It's physically draining and mentally also, especially when the dogs misbehave or you end up late for a walk; there's the time-pressure and worry element to what I do that is found in so many professions. More things can go wrong than anybody thinks about, and it is NOT an easy job. But it is rewarding and so much better than any desk job or inside workplace, where your health suffers and you don't get to bath in midday sun whilst you toil.

So life as a dog-walker is not all puppies and rainbows (more like rain and naughty demon pups) but I think I have been feeling split in two by it even more of late; I will be terribly sad to leave it all behind, when the time comes, yet I am also itching to travel. I WANNA GO NOW!

I want freedom, I want exploration, I want relaxation, stimulation, something that often, really isn't mentally taxing at all.

Of course travelling too has it's stresses and pitfalls, I'm not ignoring that fact, but I can't help but seek escapism right now. I am just so focused on that feeling you get, those first moments when you finish work for the day, or when you step off a plane in some faraway exotic place; you breathe a sigh of relief and a weight lifts off of your shoulders. I am not getting that elusive and gloriously relaxed feeling right now, not even at the weekend. What happened to quality time spent just being, not doing.

This is one of the reasons I want to and am choosing to reject the 9-to-5 way of life; not just because of everything discussed before on the blog, but also because, man, life is tiring! It's so full to the brim sometimes.

There aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. I need to go to work, then come home to do admin, boring life and house chores, errands and try to get some exercise in there; there ends up being very little time to be creative here on Nomad'erhowfar, or just sit and read a book, ignoring the time on the clock.

Life of course has it's ebb's and flows.

I'm not always busy, nor am I always working; we are off camping for a week soon. However it's times like this, that my wanderlust only intensifies.

Like I said, nothing pauses, life doesn't stop, even when you are trying the hard and admirable task of carving out a totally new lifestyle, or preparing for a big change of pace.

You could let it break you down, or, use it to motivate you more; be encouraged by your travelling dream, to save and not spend on meaningless things, to simplify your life, value your free time so that you don't completely lose your head, and actually enjoy whatever job or thing that currently dominates your life, because it will one day be done with, good riddance! Who knows, a part of you might feel sad when its gone too.

Yet so much excitement will be in its place. You will be starting a new adventure, that won't always be smooth-sailing or perfect, but it will be what you worked so hard for, and all that overwhelming crap, will have been worth it.

The awe-inspiring travel photography of Hillary Fox.



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