Guest Post - Youthanasia by Around For Happiness

Guest Post - Youthanasia by Animals Of Progress

Hey everyone! Today we have a treat for you in the form of a guest post from our friends over at Animals Of Progress! They run a unorthodox travel blog which we really enjoy! Make sure you follow them on twitter and google+ if you enjoy reading their work below.

Warning: This post is a tad heavy ;)

Youthanasia by Animals Of Progress

Oh how the youth are trapped in such a state of madness at the moment. The spark that once burnt so brightly back in the late sixties has all but withered down to a faint glowing ember. 

A friend of mine once asked me... "Can you imagine another fifty years from now?” 

What will the horizon look like in the distant future for those born on this very day? At this angle it’s hard to fathom anything, but a desert landscape of craters filled to the brim with junk. Does the youth of the world even realize it? Are they even aware they are basically a doomed generation? 

“You are all a lost generation.” Gertrude Stein in conversation with Ernest Hemingway

The werewolves and greed heads have been slowly gnawing away at our youthful bones since the late sixties and ever since that wave gently rolled back. You see we truly ignited a spark back then. One that would burn such a fear into the governments, so horribly and so gruesome that they vowed to secretly never take their beady little eyes off us again. They knew we as a collective held a savage superpower and one they had absolutely no control over. It was an era they would rather see erased from the history books. Never again would they let us remember just how close we actually came. So the silent war on life began.

The horror of it all is… This battle is fought as a psychological war. A war strife with magical tricks and a heavy dose of mind control. It’s main intent is for the sole purpose to break our very spirits and lobotomize our minds from the bigger picture, by instilling a false hope called the “American Dream” 

Dolefully enough, at this stage in the conflict it has already destroyed most of our brain cells. Preventing anyone from fathoming any major form of resistance to its processes. A simple look around is all it really takes to see that people don’t even look where they’re walking anymore, let alone pay any attention to the jobbery or gaping cracks in the politics of a democratic system. There is surely no reasoning with some these bastards anymore, I tell you. 

Everything to them is just the way it should be. And it will remain that manner, all the way up to the point where they will be indoctrinating and installing abnormality large, mutant octopi to guard the street corners, violently snatching up anyone dumb enough to have a second thought about it. It wouldn’t surprise me. I mean, just look how these beasts called man take the highest pride in manipulating nature. Even the majestic dolphin has the ability to blow up ships these days. 

So when has this war on life gone to far? When is enough, enough? Does it take that unctuous octopus to devour your children before you realize this isn’t right? Or will you wake up and stop pretending everything is just okay.


Jeffery Adams

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