The Road To Restoration Island

Restoration Island, here we come!!

Taran here today (Hannah's shutting up for about five minutes), if you know me or have read a few posts on our site then you will know that I have a personal goal of visiting Restoration Island when we go to Oz.

After watching the documentary on TV a few years back I was fascinated by the way David Glasheen lived on his island. I love the idea of being self sufficient, growing food, collecting water and just generally living a simpler life.

David Glasheen and Quassi standing on guard :P

And so when me and Hannah made plans to go to Australia, I realized this could be the chance to visit his awesome island and live like a castaway for a few days.

So, I started sending emails out to various email address's that could lead to him, but after not hearing anything back for months, I forgot about the fact I had even emailed him in the first place.

But then a few weeks ago I woke up and checked my emails, and to my surprise was one from a David Glasheen!! I immediately fully woke up to read it, full of excitement. I couldn't believe that he had actually got back to me! And even better, he had invited us to go visit his island :D Here is the email:

So Now that I have a green light from the man himself, I will be making sure that we get there 1 way or another. Restoration Island here we come!

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