Things To Do For Free When You Are Poor (and Bored)

Things To Do For Free When You Are Poor (and Bored)

The hardest part about saving up your travel funds, isn't necessarily having a job that pays enough, or stopping yourself indulging in retail therapy every month, but its actually coping with a life suddenly less full of fun.

I suppose it depends on how you have fun, but quite often, it involves money somewhere.

Going for a walk into your local town can turn into lunch and those tempting 2-for-1 deal's at the cinema, can easily turn into a movie AND dinner; when you go out looking to entertain yourself, spending is tempting and inevitable.

Here are some tips for things to do, which don't cost much at all, if anything!

For the Internet-Lover:

1. I personally find I spent a hell of a lot of time at my laptop, and it's almost always doing fun stuff, not work!

My favourite sites are of course, Youtube (I get 20 videos deep to the point that I forget what my original search was), Buzzfeed (lots of puppies and 90's trivia) Jezebel (a gossipy but still mildly intelligent site), and Taran likes The Oatmeal (funny illustrations and stories), and Wait But Why (informative and interesting stuff).

All these internet destinations can be educational and engaging, as well as yep, fun! You can while away many an hour on these babies.

2. Pick a topic you want to learn more about and delve deep!

I like to learn more about dogs (being a dog-walker) and Taran is super into space, so we both find it interesting to rifle through the various inter-webs getting to know about these topics in-depth.

Make it a goal to learn new stuff about the things which interest you in life. Get more engaged politically, emotionally, and of course, immerse yourself in travel blogs in the pursuit of knowledge for your trip!

3. Get spiritual and do some self-improvement.

I love watching Ted talks on Youtube or reading the posts of TinyBuddha, all stuff which can broaden your mind and teach you a few things about how to be happier, something we talk about often here at Nomad'erHowFar (here, here and here).

For the Outdoorsy-types:

1. Go explore!

I have lived in the same city suburb my whole 24 years and I still discover new walks and places I never knew existed (helps that I walk dogs).

Get on your walking boots and tire your bones!

2. Find your nearest National Park or sight of natural beauty.

We live near the New Forest in Southern England, a stunning and huge landscape of woods, hills and heathland.

A couple hours here of a Sunday afternoon sets us right up for our Sunday dinner!

3. Take up running/jogging/fast-walking.

Running is easy, because you can pace yourself and really just enjoy a nice walk around the local area, even if your goals aren't fitness-inspired.

We spend so much time in life going from A to B never taking in the minute details of our surroundings.

Going for a jog, sticking on your headphones, or just a gentle walk, is a great way to reinvigorate and see your world in a different way.

For the homely-type:

1. Tidy and organize the shit out of your house.

If you read this post, you'll know we are in the process of de-cluttering in prep for our nomadic lifestyle change.

I have always liked to tidy and find it satisfying and relaxing, and due to the sweat involved in intense vacuuming, its a legitimate exercise too!

2. Read a good book.

Do you have a pile of books you've impulse bought and then never got round to reading, and now, looking at the synopsis, you think "Hmm not sure...", well, read them!

I neglected my books for a while then when I finally read one that I had been putting off, I was glued to it!

3. Meditate.

Yes really. If you find yourself at the end of your tether with your boredom, create a relaxing and calm environment, and set about clearing your head.

Light some scented candles or incense sticks. Put on some soothing music.

The result may be that you feel much less stressed and annoyed.

The other result is you might fall asleep, and I personally always enjoy a good nap :).

If none of the above work, well, you can always per-ooze through our posts :).


Hannah here, one half of NomaderHowFar. I love reading, the beach, proper fish and chips, and a good cup of tea. But I mostly like to chat about minimalism, simplifying your life, the beauty of travel and sometimes I get a bit deep. Get to know us here!

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