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If you've previously read about my U.S. trip, a month of backpacking across Murica' with my best mate Fi, then you'll know I have fond memories, but the other day I stumbled across the blog I wrote whilst I was on the trip! Totally forgot about it until it was unearthed in my mums email inbox!

We both wrote blog's on the website STA travel, the agent we booked our whole trip through. They must have supplied all customers with a web-page or account, I can't remember, but I'm so glad I took advantage of it.

My family and friends were able to follow us across the country and we kept a pretty regular diary of stuff we got up to.

Minus numerous spelling mistakes (internet use would of been costing me dollars so I wrote most posts in a rush) and some childish overuse of 'xxx' and 'hehe', there was some cool observations about things that I might have otherwise forgotten forever.

February 4th, Leaving England

"I leave in a matter of hours for America and to think this time tomorrow in England I could be on a plane to Boston!I

I'm just doing final prep,packing,printing,worrying,mani and pedicuring,thinking "do I need that many t-shirts"updating the ipod, making lots of mental to do lists i'm likely to forget!But getting excited mostly! So cyanara english people!"

No, you didn't need that many t-shirts. A few less touristy outfits would of been good though...

February 5th, 2009, Arriving in Boston

Pulling a bizarre face on my bunk-bed.

Pulling a bizarre face on my bunk-bed.

"Hello!! Fi and I arrived in Boston today on time, no delays or anything, thank god the snow stopped when it did in England."

I remember now, the weather was super bad in England that winter and I think our departure was in jeopardy!

"Lots of snow on ground here freezing cold, total culture shock but really good.

Already been awake for 20 hours and done a bit of subwaying and walking and lugging heavy goods and already had our first issue when it came to collecting our Amtrak rail passes!Our hostel is very clean and nice and welcoming and even better, 20minutes internet time for 2 dollars hehe"

Lugging heavy goods...

"Tomorrow were hoping to start off with the freedom trail and then were doing a tour of Fenway park, the baseball stadium followed by other stuff in evening!

Trying to manage money best I can but already shed out 10 dollars on subway, 3dollars on food, and thats all I can think of right now!I saw someone famous today on subway, and we only been in America 5 mins!!But hes not that famous so wont bother naming names lol"

I thought it was Seth Green, pretty sure it was just his doppel-ganger.

"Right now were nearly ready for bed because its midnight at home meaning we been up 20+ hours! Flight was quite boring and slow but had few naps!Just rearing to go now and is quite excited about New York on Saturday!

Boston feels so odd and bit overwhelming but everyone is very nice as were obviously tourists without a clue! Anyway, times nearly up so gunna do sum other net surfing, just because i'm away i still gotta know whats going on at home!!xxx much love xxx"

Haha, other side of the world on a trip of a lifetime but I wanted to keep up with mindless gossip from back home!

February 6th 2009, Boston

"Hello! Our 2nd and final day in Boston ends soon. The day started hilariously with us waking up at 5am thinking it was 6am, we were all confused and didn't set correct time, sorted it out now but were just reallly early for breakfast!"

I can't believe I ever got up that early.

"We were out and about by half 7 and did something called the Freedom Trail with a 3mile walk of all the key historic sights and buildings in Boston, did a lot of walking but it was fun, lots of nice buildings, Quincy market was particularly good with about 30 different food kiosks!

We then had a delhi lunch and headed back on the subway (which has eaten into our money has to be said). At 2 we did a tour of Fenway Park Baseball stadium, home to the famous Red Sox!Had quite a crazy Bostonian do the talk which made it a lot more funny that it was meant to be!Then we headed over by subway again to Harvard Square in the Cambridge district of Boston.

We walked around the Harvard square absorbing all the intelligence and history lol We went into a gorgeous book shop called 'the co-op' which has nothing to do with our English co-ops but we thought it was amusing."



I loved the architecture at Harvard, so cool!

"Bought the Barack Obama story and also 'the reader', got some long train journeys ahead to fill up!Were quite tired as obviously were still on English time but that asides we are really getting into the swing of things and I'm glad I got these ugly boots because there very good for walking and that we've done a ton of!

Overall opinion on Boston is that it has nice buildings, interesting people with very strong accents, the hostels welcoming and comfy and there's is quite a lot to see. Its very nice city but my heart belongs to New York where we head tomorrow morning!

Also, its been absolutely freezing here today, on our freedom trail walk I eventually couldn't feel my legs but Starbucks sorted that!!Anyway, see you all round, hopefully tell you a bit about New York this time tomorrow, bye folks xxx much love xxx"

So, I had an appreciation for nice buildings and liked absorbing history and intelligence. Oh, little Hannah.

More of Hannah's Travel Diary soon!


We are Taran & Hannah from the South of England. After meeting online, we realized our mutual passion for travelling. Follow us, as we prepare to travel the world and set off on little more than our wits and a few ยฃs, and maybe get inspired to see a little more of the world as well.

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