Mystical and Beautiful British Places [Camping in South Wales - 2]

Mystical and Beautiful British Places [Camping in South Wales - 2]

Day Two of our trip was technically our last (read day one), as the next morning we would be driving home :(

We ventured out to Rhossilli bay, voted Britain's Best Beach by TripAdvisor Traveller's Choice, twice.

We didn't know this at the time, we just knew it was a popular tourist place. But now I totally think it deserves such an accolade.

The contrast of rolling steep green hills overlooking a pristine stretch of beach, is so epic to see. We didn't actually get down to the beach, as we found the walk along the adjacent cliffs too engrossing and lovely (and we were tired by 5pm okay!).

Taking in the view :P. No photo can really capture how beautiful it was to see.

Daredevil sheep right on the cliff edge!!

A windy walk across the green hills, marvelling at the brave sheep who traipse down the edges with no fear, we were struck by the stunning views down across the bay.

We spent a good couple of hours just walking the stretch down to where the hill curves and you can see Worms Head, a mile-long island shaped like a serpent, home to cute seals.

The famous welsh poet Dylan Thomas wrote about the island describing a day not dissimilar to ours...

"...The sea was out. We crossed over on slipping stones and stood, at last, triumphantly on the windy top.

There was monstrous, thick grass there that made us spring-heeled and we laughed and bounced on it, scaring the sheep who ran up and down the battered sides like goats.

Even on this calmest day, a wind blew on the Worm".

As soon as I (Taran) saw the island I wanted to visit it, as it looked so mysterious from the mainland as if there was maybe places that had yet to be explored.

And then when I read on a sign that it was possible to go across during low tide, I decided I would be going across today! We had to wait a few hours for the tide to go out, which gave us time to get a drink and some food and regain some energy to trek across.

Hannah being a bit unsteady on her feet (think baby horse) I went alone across to Worm's Head and took some awesome photos.

I didn't get to the see the seals this time, but its daytime, ya know, they got places to be I'm sure.

The foot of the hill on the island, which I then proceeded to run up :D

After trekking across the seemingly endless rocks, I came to the bottom of the island and looked up at the hill; what an amazing sight! It looked like something out of 'Lost' and made me feel like I really was on a mysterious island..

I had managed to reach it before anyone who was following me, so I took the chance to run up to the top of the hill while I was still the only human on this island.

Here are some photos I took looking back towards the mainland, and then on the other side looking out to sea and viewing the side of the island that cannot be seen from the mainland.

Standing on top of the hill, it was awfully windy up here!

We rounded off the day with a tired but smooth drive back to camp. Dinner was lots of macaroni cheese.

The previous night we'd had spaghetti, although the first batch ended up on the floor after falling out the pan, thanks to me not packing a drainer!

The next morning was home-time and despite it being only a brief taste of Welsh life, we cannot wait to head back.

We have been spoilt by the English coast having spent many a time in Cornwall, but this just about matched up to such beauty; we felt like I was in Lord of the Rings country, and its grand beauty is not just in the beaches or the cliff walks, but the overall feel of being somewhere just a bit magical.

Thanks for reading!

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