A Quick Guide to Clever Outfit Choices [Backpacking Tips]

*This post was created prior to our trip. Our backpacks look a little different now...but this method was a great way to be prepared*

A Quick Guide to Clever Outfit Choices [Backpacking Tips]

STAGE 1: Clothes Overload

It's just over a month until we leave old blighty for sunnier shores. Packing is happening! 

My clothing and other stuff have been gathering dust in the spare bedroom/dumping-ground so I decided to have a dummy-run of packing my bag. I would say at this stage I am fairly organized.

It looks like a lot, right?

Yes...well I knew this stage of travel prep would create problems. I bring lots of outfit choices to Taran's house for my weekend stays, just so I have something nice to wear for all eventualities. And who knows what you be in the mood for each day!

Sad? Maybe a tad vain? I don't think so. So there :).

Clothing choices can contribute a lot to how comfortable you feel doing different activities and can improve your mood and confidence levels. Just because you will be travelling, leading a different lifestyle, it doesn't suddenly mean you lose all interest in fashion, or how you look. Fashion is fun after all, and there's no reason you can't maintain your personal sense of style whilst on the road.

Plus, it's probably a good idea to make sure you aren't packing too much of some things and too little of others!

I want to be prepared for every eventuality when we are travelling so I have carefully selected items of clothing/shoes which go together well. I must admit, I am a bit of a colour-freak, I enjoy matching my socks to my jumper...less enjoy, more obsessive compulsive!


STAGE 2: Just keep rollin rollin rollin'

1. Assemble a pile of clothes which relate to the climate you are travelling to

Include a hoody and waterproof jacket for cooler nights of camping or getting caught in the rain (pina-colada's optional). Ensure you have the right clothing for needing to be either covered up, among nature, or free-flowing-and-airy. Australia, for example, might be a hot country in many places but your body soon acclimatizes, and 20-degree weather starts to feel a bit cold!

2. Note the quality of the clothing

Remove well-worn or never-worn things such as those sun-tan stained white vests and too-tight shorts. If you intend to travel in rough terrain or go hiking etc and think that you might be ruining some clothing anyway, maybe consider taking an older item that you'd be okay with throwing away whilst on the road!

STAGE 3: Packing Cubes cometh!

3. Fold different categories of clothing into small piles

E.g. t-shirts in one pile, shorts in another. Now discard one item from each pile. Yep...pick one up and toss it aside in a dramatic manner. Go with your instinct, don't make a piece of clothing more special or useful than it truly is.

This approach helps you approach a more minimal yet functional wardrobe, which you will later appreciate when you are carrying it all on your back and having a major sweat meltdown.


STAGE 4: Oh yes, stuff to make me pretty and sweet-smelling!

4. Put together different outfit combinations

Look at what works and what doesn't and discard items accordingly. You want to be able to throw any item of clothing on and it work with another piece, being both appropriate for travel and something you feel happy in. 

5. Now it's time to focus of footwear

I am taking a pair of running/walking trainers, vans, haviana's and possibly some other gladiator-style-sandal, for when I want to be fancy. But I'm on the fence about fancy shoes, because it's worth considering your style of dressing whilst at home.

Do you go for comfort over style most of the time? I could happily spend all summer in just flip-flops and vans, so maybe that's what I will end up with.

6. Be brutal

You don't need two play-suits, or three different beach dresses. In your usual wardrobe, you usually favour one dress or one jacket over all your others, so remember that you will most likely take this habit with you. Don't take stuff you just won't use!

So the reality of successful outfit packing is that you don't need endless options, you just need to make selective and thoughtful choices based on what you are most likely to use and wear happily. And pack nothing that doesn't fit that criteria! 

STAGE 5: Packed and ready to hit the road. If in doubt just do what I do and wear pyjamas.

STAGE 5: Packed and ready to hit the road. If in doubt just do what I do and wear pyjamas.


Thanks for reading!

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