1 Month until Australia: Final Planning and Preparation

1 Month until Australia: Final Planning and Preparation

Okay so it's been a countdown for months, a long process building toward something that probably won't feel real until the day we leave, maybe not even until the day we arrive on Aussie soil. Check out our last update for more info on what we have been up to!

In the last twelve months, we have...

The first round of clothes for charity :)

The first round of clothes for charity :)

  • Saved up the funds to get us started!
  • Checked our passports were in date.
  • Secured our Working Holiday Visa's.
  • Booked our flights.
  • Organized our first accommodation through AirB'n'B.
  • Bought bits and bobs, clothing, gadgets, and Hannah's backpack.
  • Signed up to the Trusted Housesitter's site.
  • Made many contacts that we hope to meet up with along the way.
  • Researched info on Tax-file number, Medicare and travel insurance.
  • Got our first round of vaccines not including more tropical disease ones!

TIP: Double-check if you have organized your seating/meals by looking online at your flight reservation.

The Next Steps...

  • Buy travel insurance.
  • Apply for a travel-friendly credit card (for emergencies! and sometimes hostels like to use a card for a booking).
  • Polish off our CV's.
  • Get extra passport photos taken.
  • Have some more vaccines and review other medical stuff.
  • Throw away more clutter and store our stuff away.
  • Check out important contact numbers for things like lost cards, lost passports etc.
  • Research the best bank accounts to know which one to open when we arrive.
  • Pack and weigh our baggage.
  • Print-out our ticket and visa details.

TIP: Go over your flight timings and arrange airport transit which allows for travel disturbance.

So despite our desire to ditch our normal lives and take off free and easily, a lot of planning has gone into Australia. We haven't done a lot of research on every possible destination we'd like to visit but we have a vague idea, many recommendations, blogger's to advise us, and a Lonely Planet guide to have a gander at.

We want to be a little more relaxed and less structured in our plans once we are there, we just needed to make sure all the boring but necessary stuff has been sorted. A great adventure begins with some great planning!

Making the most of our time left here in England!

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