Our Last Week At Home: Bare Bedrooms, To-Do Lists, and Health Scares...

Our Last Week At Home: Bare Bedrooms, To-Do Lists, and Health Scares...

So this is what life looks like the week before you leave it all behind and go off gallivanting in Australia...

to-do list
leaving cards

A to-do list that I am already behind on to be honest, but it helps to be reminded daily what jobs I have to still do. Just need to tick them off!!

Taran is clearly sorted and ready to go...to the insane asylum.

I am doing my last week of walking doggies, having already said goodbye to some of my favourite furry friends :(.

Taran has taken down all his beautiful space paintings and posters, donated more clutter and sold his beloved PC.

My spare bedroom still looks like it has for weeks, like H&M and Amazon threw up all over it.

So despite being relatively organized and on top of things, life still looks a little unprepared and messy the week before you go travelling. Not only does it look messy, sometimes it literally is.

In the last month I've been poked and prodded, injected and sucked of my blood, not for fun, but to get to the bottom of an ongoing health problem I was having. It wasn't until today that the picture looked a bit clearer, and I can finally relax a bit, feeling like I am mostly, okay. I can finally be excited and not overwhelmed by what has bothered me for a long time. But it's been stressful, upsetting, worrying and has, a little bit, ruined the build-up to the trip. But it hasn't totally ruined it.

We have had so much fun with our amazing friends in recent weeks, especially at our leaving party, a recent night out at the pub and a boozy night in.

It made us realize just how much we will miss our simple but fun life here in England, mostly because of the people we get to share it with. That's the great thing about this blog, no matter who reads it or is inspired or informed by something we produce, the people who we really want to take with us on our journey, can feel a bit closer to us, thanks to the good ole' internet.

So what's next?

Some final packing, getting some dollars, cancelling things like car insurance and netflix, sorting travel insurance, and gradually saying goodbye to family with numerous dinner's. I predict lots of tears...

Then, a week from today, we will be heading to the airport... and that's when this adventure truly begins!

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