Melbourne: 4 Seasons In One Day

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Melbourne: 4 Seasons In One Day.

UPDATED JUNE 2016: We have now been in Australia over 16 months, catch up with our latest adventure.

24 hours of plane travel, two movie's, several hours of broken sleep, 4 meals, 1 stop in Singapore, 1 long bus ride and we made it into Melbourne! Check out our first Travel Film!

Our first days here have seen us fall asleep by 7pm, wake at 5am, and spend much of our day slowly walking and exploring.

Jet-lag is real, and annoying! But we are enjoying what time we have spent out and about in Elwood (the neighbourhood we are staying in) St. Kilda, and the CBD.

On our first day, having got a bus into central from the airport, we kind of wanted to escape the bustle and the traffic, so off we trekked through the centre down to the beach.

Much of our walk was looking at the characterful little homes and wide, tree-lined streets. Marvelling at everything mixed with tiredness, we still were a bit dazed at this point.

So it really was something to behold the first moment we stepped onto the Australian sands.

At the end of the streets and across a busy road, there sat the deserted and pretty coastline.

Out came the flip-flops, brand new and ready to be worn to absolute death.

And so we continued walking on to our first accommodation, a little house in the suburb of Elwood.

After a brief stop for Hannah to be sick (yes, actually throw up onto our first Australian beach), we had a little rest on the warm sands, as the breeze shocked us a tad. Australia was not quite delivering on endless summer weather, but many people had told us that Melbourne has a temperamental climate and we were visiting it in Autumn.

Eventually making it to our Air b'n'b stay, what greeted us was another characterful little house, a cosy mattress to pile onto and a very chilled out vibe. Alternatively, if you prefer a hotel, check out HotelsCombined for some great deals.

Dragging ourselves back up off the bed was a task, but food was needed desperately at this point.

That night we fell asleep at about 6.30pm, utterly failing at preventing jet-lag...

Awesome tasty vegan food at 'Lentil As Anything'

The next morning after a 5am wake-up, we both relaxed and eventually set-off for a walk around the local area, off towards St. Kilda, where we had lunch at 'Lentil As Anything', where you decide how much to pay based on what you feel your meal was worth... interesting concept, probably drawing many a cheeky person. But they discourage low donations with a sign, so in the end lunch was a decent $12 each.

We then went into the St. Kilda botanical gardens, a really relaxed little corner of paradise set amongst concrete suburbia.

Once home we fell asleep early again!

The next day saw us get the train into the centre, giving our feet a bit of a rest, where we meandered around the local hot-spots such as Federation Square and Hosier lane, stopping for lunch, choosing a very exotic local cuisine, Subway...

We then found a Woolworth's, which in Aus is a big cheaply priced supermarket, where we bought some random food stuff to keep us going.

Yes, food is seemingly more expensive out here, but when you make the effort to shop around and not go to convenience stores, making sure you stock up on the basics for breakfast and dinner, you definitely can save some pennies.

That evening we managed a respectable bed-time of 9.30pm...there's not a whole lot to do in the evenings which doesn't involve spending money, and we've found that staying in an Air b'n'b as opposed to a hostel, whilst a cheaper option, means you have much less socializing to stave off the late-evening boredom of being a stingy backpacker.

Today we stayed local and decided to walk along the coastal path, and we definitely found the best view of Melbourne.

It was also pretty hot, so it was shorts out, hoodie's off and sun-lotion on, the absolute perfect day for a beach stroll.

We happened across a part of the beach where tons of dogs were lolloping around happily in the water, which made me giddy and excited like the dog-obsessive that I am.

Later on, sitting on some rocks, sipping ciders looking across the water to the city, it was probably the best moment in Melbourne thus far, and the end to a beautiful day..

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