Travel Blogging is Hard

Travel Blogging is Hard

Travel can be hard. Blogging is sometimes hard. The result of these two activities being combined is, you guessed it, hard.

I have a new found respect for all the travel blogger's who seem to have a constant but authentic presence, across social media, but also on their websites, producing great content regularly.

Because bloody hell, how do you manage it?

If we aren't tired from a day of exploring, we're relaxing in the hostel, combining chores, cooking, socializing and skype-ing our families. We are in a constant battle with that beautiful beast called the Internet, as most of the time here its crap, due to the amount of people trying to use it. And anyway, when you do find time to blog, hostels can be loud and uncomfortable places, sometimes not conducive to blogging at all. 

Where, amongst all of this, is the time and space to be creative? 

And I don't mean just shoehorning in brief moments in which to keep up with the blogging world. Nobody wants to read a hastily written diary blog post, and I don't want to write it! I used to spend hours in England compiling a blog idea and meticulously producing it, because I had the time and the right environment in which to do so.

Here, well, you need to be enjoying and exploring your surroundings to obviously then have stuff to report that people will find interesting. So I suppose the issue is time. We are suddenly abundant with free time, yet our lives are also busier, and more varied. Which is great. But where does blogging fit in with this?

I am writing this post on the laptop, lounging on our blow-up camp bed, whilst Taran organizes his backpack. Neither of us had to work today, we had a long-drawn out breakfast with some friends, and soon we will be off to buy cheese; its been a particularly exciting day. And I have a head-cold that has made me want to sleep constantly, but I found a brief hour where I felt like I wanted to punch out some posts, so here I am doing it, and it feels good.

I suppose that's why Travel blogging is hard, because it's all a big balancing act; fitting in actual living, the fun, as well as the boring stuff and still having the mental energy to blog.

But we could give it up tomorrow, if we wanted to. Yet we don't and we won't, because we love it. We love being part of this friendly, vibrant and passionate world where fascinating stories and beautiful photography meets personal journeys of adventure.

We want to read about others experiences and we want to inspire people with our own, and document our memories, for the distant future where we will want to re-live this phase of our life.

So whilst it remains difficult, it's only because we actually care; care enough to find the time to write amongst illness and tiredness and the immediate need to for cheese.

And maybe in time it will get easier, and we will find ourselves with better internet, a more relaxed setting and exciting things will be happening which feed our fervour for sharing our stories.

Who knows, that's the unpredictability of travel, but blogging will always be a safe haven of creativity that we will find our way back to no matter where we end up.

Thanks for reading!

Hannah and Taran here. We hail from Southern England, where we met online and are now realizing our mutual passion for travel here at Nomad'erHowFar. We discuss Nomadic Living, Simplifying your Life and Long-term Travel, to empower, motivate and inspire our readers. Get to know us here!

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