The Most Beautiful Camping in Australia [1770 and Agnes Water]

The Most Beautiful Camping in Australia [1770 and Agnes Water]

We can now say we have seen one of the most beautiful sunsets in our living memories, and we saw it in 1770. Check out if 1770 made it into our 12 photo's, 12 months photography post!

Nope, not that year in history, we aren't time travellers, just regular ones. It is a place, a very pretty one, on the Queensland coast, where a gentle fishing estuary meets the ocean.

Our mildly desperate hunt for farm work was nicely broken up with a 3 day excursion up the coast with our Brisbanite friend Rachel. We decided to hit up 1770, a small town, right next to an equally small seaside town Agnes Water.

The camp-site we chose was literally right next to the beach, with some pitches on the sand. People sat perched on the waters edge fishing in the clear shallow waters, families ate around camp-fires, as we strolled the small beach to watch the sun meet the sea.

When I say the most beautiful sunset, I mean mostly the part after it ended; one of the most purest orange skies was left behind in its wake. Just amazingly rich and bright. No Instagram filter needed.

The camp-site itself was pretty good too, with a well-equipped and social camp kitchen, definitely backpacker friendly, if you have your own pots and pans that is.

Our friend had brought some fishing gear, so on our second day, off we went to attempt to land a big one.

I caught my first fish ever! A tiny pathetic toad-fish, one of many who weren't shy about crowding around my feet to eat the bait, not a hard catch at all!

Taran however hooked something a bit more interesting...

Reeling it in with some force, he dragged ashore the most ugly sea creature, something more resembling off a piece of coral or a sharp rock.

It was a (potentially) deadly stone-fish! We'd seen a youtube video about this fish and its poisonous spikes, which pierce whatever they make contact with, releasing a venom that if it doesn't kill you, it will make you want to die.

Or so we've heard!

It was the weirdest sight, a really human-like grumpy face, looking more like a miserable old man than a frightened fish.

The next night we went to another seaside town, Tannum Sands, where we did more of the lazy same; fishing, reading, relaxing.

Then we got the good news we had been trying for, in the form of a phone call with a potential 2nd year visa role! Most of the time you apply for things and never hear back, let alone get a phone call. It looked like all the roles had been filled but we nonetheless got an invite to come meet our potential wwoofing host.

Our references did us justice and it looked like we might be in!

Only two days later we found ourselves leaving the coast behind, to head inland, into the scenic Queensland countryside, riding in a 4 wheel drive on a dark bumpy road. All perfectly legit though.

Our host had decided during a brief meeting at the local gas station that we weren't going to be trouble, and that was it, we were on our way to start a period of farm work, picking Macadamia nuts, and acquiring some much needed farming skills!

But we were really happy we had got to spend a few days relaxing with our Aussie mate before the hard work began.

Check out how to take epic photos like the one below here!

1770 brought out all the stops, making what was a brief stay in a quiet place really memorable, delivering an awe-inspiring night-sky, beach-side camping and an escape from the hustle of Bundaberg, setting us up nicely for our new, more simple, rural life.


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