Crying Over Big Fish [Whale-Watching on the Fraser Coast]

Crying Over Big Fish [Whale-Watching on the Fraser Coast]

We have gone and done the first real tourist-type activity since arriving in Oz 5 months ago, and paid for a 3 hour speed-boat trip at Hervey Bay to watch the Whales that come into the bay between May and October.

We weren't sure if we would definitely see some (although that would be an expensive watching of the sea), if the Whales didn't feel like being followed that day. But lucky for us and about 10 others, they came out in force.

Speeding out of the harbour on a baking hot day, we hit the windy extremes of the open sea, coming up alongside Fraser Island (which looks as cool as we imagined it might), we headed out to find them.

About 30 minutes in, in the distance, a giant shining white and grey arm flailed about in the horizon. We had found them!

Slapping their monumental fins, coming down heavy against the ocean, i found myself getting a little bit teary-eyed at the sight. Seeing these majestic gargantuan creatures in their natural environment, just letting us roll up alongside them.

We all found ourselves chasing each and every sight of them, as they'd disappear and then reappear very close to the boat. Jaw agape, we just stood marvelling at them.

Their skin looked smooth, solid and like it had seen a fair few fights.

Eventually these guys got bored of being watched by several gormless humans, and we set off to find the next group. This time we just caught a whale breaching as we raced up toward them. 

And one point the two of the second group we found seemed to be sleeping, or sitting still, staring in our direction under the water. Ominously planning our demise, or considering whether to come closer and inspect. And that they did. Yet again sinking below the deep blue water and coming up again only a few foot beside our boat.

It was a really amazing way to spend an afternoon, just observing these peaceful giants in their element. Whales should always be watched and appreciated in this respectful way. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing nature thrive in its natural habitat. 

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