Beauty Of Whitehaven [Photography]

Beauty Of Whitehaven - 6 Stunning Photos

Beauty Of Whitehaven - Photography

We only had a short stay on Whitehaven Beach, 2 nights camping a few feet off the actual beach, but this was enough time to see the beauty that it had to offer!

Above is one end of the beach, and also where we camped ✌ We spotted stingrays and hundreds of fish while snorkelling around those rocks!

This was one of the only objects escaping the tree line, the beach was incredibly pure and clean.

No words can put into detail just how clear the water was here... So just look at that picture again :)

Wondering down the beach on the first evening I came across a small shrub attempting to rise from the white silica sands..

Something about this photo really grabs me, and I'm still not sure what it is.. But that is Hannah down in the water while one of the many tour boats stopped briefly at the beach.

Just after sunset on our second evening the sky turned an awesome salmon pink, the silhouette of the tree made an awesome picture so I just had to snap it!

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