Going Home [Why we went]

Going Home - Why we went

Okay so we have come home, but only for 2 weeks...

flying home

We had decided months ago that a visit home in-between our two years in Australia would be a nice break. We kept fairly quiet across social media around late January, just to contain our excitement at coming home, because we had planned to surprise everyone. And we did, and got it all on film....It was super emotional and we loved every startled expression we got.

One part of the social media silence was due to my homesickness. I didn't want to prattle on to everybody about the moments, sometimes days, where I felt like I wanted to close my eyes and wake up at home in my own bed. It wasn't one thing, or person, making me feel this way, it was a culmination. From living in an isolated place for months, to the stress of working over the Christmas holidays, I knew a while ago, that I simply had to go home.


I needed to be with my lovely family, as did Taran. as much for them as for us. They suffer with the distance much more than we do. They are the ones living their lives as normal, wondering when the next skype call will be, unable to get in contact with us because of the nature our travelling life. It is hard for them, and in turn, it became an emotional wrench for us.

But there was another justification for flying several thousand km's home.

I wanted to remind myself why I left. I'd had some days where I truly questioned what I was doing in Australia. Nothing was appealing to me, I had lost a sense of intrigue and excitement. But going home for good would not solve that. I was bored in England too, uninspired and unchallenged. I didn't have a passion, and apart from beginning this blog in 2014, I was pretty much idling along, not living at my full potential. I was argumentative and unappreciative of those around me, for I couldn't see much to plan for or look forward to. And that isn't because that's what life is like at home.

My family and friends live purposeful, fulfilling and happy lives, right here in England, come rain or shine. But I had always felt like something was missing in my life and I had no idea what. I was in a comfort-zone and yet uncomfortable at the same time. I really did need to just leave. I had to experience life that is happening far across the other side of the planet, to get perspective on my own.

Travel was the right thing to do, leaving home was incredibly beneficial to Taran and I, and we have only really scratched the surface of what we want to do, and see. But coming home was also the right thing to do.

Our families can rest easy having seen us, checked us over for visible wounds, taking us in and just being with us. Yes its cool to tell all our stories but it's more about embracing the easy and cosy mundanity of it all, like an easy afternoon chat over a cup of tea talking about jack-shit with my mum. Those moments were the ones I missed the most in Australia. I realized the day-to-day sharing of your lives with the people you care about the most was actually a beautiful thing to cherish and love.

The beauty of appreciating the health and happiness of your loved ones, by just being in their company.

I do want to make some changes when we get back to Australia however.

  • I want to make sure I Skype more, even if its hard to find a decent and cheap WiFi connection, its important and its worth it.
  • I want to embrace the adventure but not get so wrapped up within it that I forget the people missing us at home.

We will make the most of each opportunity thrown our way, because we have made sacrifices and being home has reiterated that.

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