Our Goals for 2016: Growth and Travel Plans


Our Goals for 2016: Growth and Travel Plans

Originally we had a wix site, which was shocking. Then we moved over to squarespace. This was our first blog post ever. Bless...

The first year we just wrote about preparing to travel, because it's what we were living and breathing. The second year we started sharing our travel stories, as we hit the road in Australia. Now into our third year, we want to take things to the next level.

Yep, that was what our website used to look like...

Yep, that was what our website used to look like...

We love our blog. We love being creative, and communicative, and love the interaction and inspiration. We simply wouldn't blog and make videos if we didn't enjoy it. But we'd like it to expand in ways that are even more creative and engaging.

Its a very British thing to do, play down your goals and achievements. We wouldn't want to seem a bit over-zealous or hopeful, or as if we actually have self-confidence and self-belief. We succeed but we do it quietly, most of us anyway...But we are not defined by the culture in which we grew up in, being international travellers, people of the world, so I am going to step out from the shy, reserved trope of an English person and be bold and honest with you.

We want big things for nomaderhowfar.com this year. And we want to continue enjoying Australia, and see the rest of this ginormous place.

  • We want to increase page views, partner up with companies, causes and brands that we believe in, feature more guest bloggers, and feature on other websites.

  • We want to try out new cool relevant travel products (we have our first product review coming soon).

  • I want to get published somewhere other than on our website, as much as we love it and our audience. I love writing and reaching readers who i can interact with, so writing on some other platforms seems the right way to go.

  • I want to work in social media, building great followings for other bloggers and companies, having learned so much in the past two years about consistent and quality social media strategy.

  • Taran wants his videos to gain a broader audience. He spends hours creating these beautiful visual stories, hours editing the footage and hours sharing it, and it deserves a bigger audience. Especially with some of the absolute shit that people in their millions watch every day. I may be bias but I am the first person to say if I think his video isn't right, and he'll be the first to tell me he doesn't like something I've done.

  • We want to keep producing original, topical and personal content. Sharing our travel stories, and our thoughts on all manner of topics that we care about.

  • We want to get some more stunning shots and footage on our go-pro and our newer canon addition.

  • We hope to meet some of our fellow blogging comrades and nomads.

  • I want to finish, publish and release my e-book on minimalism. On the back of that release I'd like to create a consulting service designed to aid people with introducing minimalism into their lives.

  • We both want to continue to travel Australia, meet its awesome residents, as well as our fellow travellers from all over the world.

You can buy these shots on canvas here..

couple in love

Maybe it seems like we are hoping for too much, that our goals for the blog are cliched or predictable. But we are encouraged toward these goals by the fact that we have witnessed a steady consistent growth in audience and page views. February saw a record-high of 12,000 page views. We get so excited to see that more and more people are hopefully being guided or inspired by our content. And that is what drives us.

At the core of all our goals is that fact that we obviously love travel, it is what we do, what we gave up our previous lives in England for, so we would like to keep doing it, capturing it, and sharing it, for as long as possibly can.

Blogging goes hand-in-hand with our nomadic lifestyle, so we hope this beautiful partnership only grows in 2016.


Thanks for reading!

Hannah and Taran here. We hail from Southern England, where we met online and are now realizing our mutual passion for travel here at NomaderHowFar. We discuss Nomadic Living, Simplifying your Life and Long-term Travel, to empower, motivate and inspire our readers. Get to know us here!

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