Abandoned Buildings - Rayong Coast

Along the coast a few hours from the bustling chaotic streets of Bangkok rests the small town of Rayong, a urban explorers dream come true..

Abandoned Buildings - Rayong Coast

Along the coast a few hours from the bustling chaotic streets of Bangkok rests the small town of Rayong and if you keep travelling (via local songthaews) you can reach the beach village of Hat Mae Rumphueng. An area built for tourism at only one time of the year it seems.. for as soon as the holidays are over the whole area becomes completely void of tourists.

I stayed in this hotel along with about 3 other guests.. Private room for 200 baht!!

Of-course, the locals still live here and go about their daily lives, but there is a completely different feeling from the normal backpacker routes of Thailand. During my week here I only saw about 3 other non-locals!

I'm not too sure on the full story, but it seems like this place had hopes to become a well known tourism hot spot.. But the dreams obviously didn't come into fruition..

The coast line is littered with abandoned buildings, apartments and huge hotels like the one above! There are hotels that have stayed open, but they remain almost empty and running a skeleton crew for most of the year.

This makes it particularly easy to stroll into any of these hotels and just take the elevator straight to the roof, no one is really paying any attention and you can get away with pretending you are staying there by just looking confident!

Sneaking into the tallest abandoned hotel

The hotel is basically this place on google maps, you will be able to spot it instantly if you turn on satellite view. The whole building is completely overrun by nature and is an amazing place to explore, the parking lot looks like something out of the game 'The Last Of Us' or the film 'I Am Legend'.

The inside of the building is completely gutted, and is probably the home to a few homeless people.. which for a solo explorer makes the place that much more eerie not knowing what will be around the next corner..

The views from the windows on the upper levels are incredible! A clean unspoiled coastline on one side, and a lush green expanse of villages with a mountain overlooking them on the other side.

If your interested in abandoned buildings and places a little off the normal beaten track then Rayong is definitely worth a visit. 

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