Minimalism: Cleanse Your Life, Become A Calmer Person - Book Release

Minimalism: Cleanse Your Life, Become A Calmer Person - Book Release

I did it! I climbed Everest! I ran up the steps from Rocky Balboa (I actually have done that). I gave birth! Orrrr, I just finished writing a book.

A bloody book. It feels so good to have finished it. I produced something, poured months of my life into it and I can finally step away, put on its uniform, push it out the front door and into the sunshine. Its my brain child.

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Okay, so it's definitely not an epically long overtly complicated book, its about minimalism, but it did take a lot of time and effort. I wanted to create something that I could be proud of for a long time, but also something of true value to anyone who does me the kindness of spending their money on it.

The previous blog posts I wrote on minimalism told me that people wanted to read about this movement, they were seeking out information on simplifying their life and they landed upon my musings in search of advice. And so I knew that this would be a worthwhile topic to write a whole book about.

So one day, whilst living on a desert island with no internet (I had no distractions or excuses), I opened up a word document and I began.

I focused on my own experience of minimalism, the reasons why I brought it into my life, and began discussing how it has made me happier.

Our friend Tristan designed us the awesome cover! Here's the work in progress, watercolours n' all!

Happy means something different to everyone, but I posit happiness in the book as having an awful lot to do with how we feel at our core. I view fulfilment as being the motivation for giving attention and time to our true desires and needs. I believe that I have become calmer inside, thanks to not simply de-cluttering my surroundings but by actually tackling the areas of my life bringing me stress.

I realized how inter-linked everything is. I discovered that minimalism can be a whole life philosophy, not just the way you keep your home.

The book is fairly in-depth and really contextualizes the negative side of consumerism and how it massively contributes to the mental and physical health of society, in a bad bad way.

But its main purpose is providing the right questions and guidance for anyone who wishes to simplify their life.

It focuses on creating a home which works for you, refining your spending habits, creating more meaningful online activities, and organizing your day-to-day routine.

It is all based in realistic ideas that I myself have adopted so I know that my readers can follow it and achieve the same outcomes. I just want to help people find a way to navigate the hardships of life, and reach their life goals sooner. I hope the words I spent a few good months forming, help at least one person out there simplify their stresses and become calmer, healthier and happier.

So if you fancy a read you can order the book now.

Alternatively, if you are a blogger or a minimalist writer I would love to send you a free copy for review on your blog or social media. Just drop us a line at I poured a lot of finger sweat into this and would appreciate any feedback.


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