What To See And Do In Otres Beach, Cambodia

You made it to Otres beach, or you just about to get there? Either way you've made a great choice!

What To See And Do In Otres Beach, Cambodia

You made it to Otres beach, or you'r just about to get there? Either way you've made a great choice! Arriving at this laid back, sun soaked stretch of beach you will be greeted by the kind of visuals you only see in those photo-shopped Instagram's.

This area is a favourite with the locals and the beach is a really nice mix of foreigners and local family's, all enjoying the clear warm water, great food and a cheeky cocktail from the line of beach bars.

The Beach..

Otres beach is a long stretch of chilled out bliss, and I recommend taking a stroll up/down it and soaking in all the sights and vibes.

This is a very friendly place and you will be spoken to by almost every group of local kids wanting to try out their English, and you might even get the chance to join in on a game of football or volleyball.

I personally got stopped by a very friendly group of Cambodians who where celebrating their mates wedding; they handed me beer after beer and we proceeded to clang our cans together and cheer 'CHOL MUOY!!' for most of the afternoon.

The beach can sometimes get a bit of trash wash up from the ocean (that's just how it is in a lot of SE-Asia unfortunately), but the locals care about the beach and regularly clean it, even resorting to raking the sand! You have a good chance of spotting some sea life on the shore if you keep your eyes peeled, which you probably would want to, as to avoid stepping on a beautifully dangerous sea urchin, as pictured above..

Be sure to grab yourself a 'cambodia' while you chilling in Cambodia!

Finish your day soaking in the last of the sun while you watch it slowly recede beyond the horizon.

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Where To Stay..

The beach front is lined with a good variety of little resorts and hostels, each of them with their own vibe to suit everyone's need. I was personally drawn to a place that claimed to be a authentic Italian restaurant named 'Papa Pippo's' which has its own bungalows too! Being a pizza/pasta fanatic I had to take a look and test this claim..

Well, if your into your pizza's then I highly suggest you try this place out, the pizza is some of the best I've ever had (which is crazy considering its a small beach town in Cambodia). The prices range from around $16-$25 for a private bungalow located a few short steps from the sea front. Photos below:

Be sure to check out their website for more details: www.papapippo.com

I can also recommend visiting the small off-the-grid island Ko Ta Kiev. Its a truly different experience with no internet, and supplies arriving only once a day on the same small boat that takes you there.

You will be met by a very eclectic group of westerners and locals living on the island and 'working' in the beach bar. You will sleep in a open aired 'dorm' and you will find yourself connecting to others easily as there are no distractions here. Photos below:

The People.

The captain of one of the tiny motor boats that will take you out across the bay to the various islands.

The beach has its fair share of locals trying to sell you something, and whilst some of it is tat, some of the food on offer is amazing! You can get a full bag of pineapple, mango and banana for $1.50!

The supply boat getting ready to leave for Ko Ta Kiev, where the workers will carry your luggage to the boat if your scared of getting it wet!

Locals inviting me to drink with them. They were so generous, offering me countless beers and food while we sheltered from a storm!

I hope this article helps make your stay in Otres beach enjoyable. Now go relax, and soak it all in.

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