What's Going On!? - My Current Situation

What's Going On!? - My Current Situation

So its been a while since there was an update on here, and a lot has happened in the last few months.. My travels in Thailand lasted 3 months in the end and I bloody loved it! I took a 2 week trip over in Cambodia which was mainly a visa run, but I thought it would be rude not to explore while I was there.

I made a real connection with Thailand and can definitely see myself returning to explore some more and hopefully meet some friends I made there who have decided to live long term in the country!

While I was living on Koh Phangan for a month I had my first incident that required a hospital trip in the whole of my 2 and a half years travelling! I tripped on some razor sharp coral and cut my foot really bad, it then got infected and I spent 3 days in hospital getting stitches and eating some really nice food, I actually didn't want to leave! Good job I had some insurance..

Check out some more photos from Koh Phangan here!

Thailand also saw the end of mine and Hannah's relationship, which you may have guessed if you follow any of my social pages. We were both drifting in different directions with what we wanted to do with our life's, but we will never forget the incredible memories we made while exploring Australia and we are still buddy's :)

When my funds finally dropped to the point of needing to work again it was time to head home. It was awesome to see my family again after a year and a half since the last surprise visit, check out that video here! I also made a point of trying as hard as I could to see as many friends as possible, its always the way when you've been away for so long that people have changed or don't hang around with the same groups, but Ive had a right laugh with the ones I have seen :D

Since being back in the UK I've been to the summer solstice at Stonehenge (an all night party amongst the sacred stones), been to 3 awesome festivals and taken part in a 75 mile cycle around the Isle Of Wight for charity! Its been awesome :)

I've also managed to secure a job, nothing special but it will give me the means to save up enough for the next adventure..

And so that brings us to the next part of this update which is my future plans. すばらし!!

はい わたしわのけいかくわにほんにいくことです!!

If you cant understand that, then here it is in English.. My plan is to go to Japan!! Yep that's right, I'm hoping to head to the land of the rising sun in the first quarter of 2018, my plan is to get a working holiday visa and live there for a year. This is something I am extremely excited about as I have been a bot obsessed with Japanese culture for a while now and I've been (attempting) to learn the language for almost 2 years!

Thank you to everyone who has followed my journey so far, its been awesome to share the adventures and inspire people to visit the places I've been! I hope you will stay with me for the next journey :)

Thanks for reading!

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