Winter Wonderland - Hyde Park, London

There is so much to see and do here that you will easily lose hours just wandering around taking in the sights, they even have a gigantic..

Winter Wonderland - Hyde Park, London

This year I've been able to visit the massive winter wonderland in Hyde park, London! It's the first time I've managed to check it out and it was pretty good fun, admittedly the crowds were insane but it's london so its gonna be packed from now until Xmas I'd say..

There is so much to see and do here that you will easily lose hours just wandering around taking in the sights, they have a gigantic Bavarian village with bars and markets, 8 rollercoasters among many other fairground rides and enough food stalls to satisfy any kind of hunger you have!

The classic characters from The Hangover even get their own ride!! Just look at those accurate faces below hahaha! And who can forget the one thing that everyone thinks of when they imagine 'Christmas fun'... the haunted house ride ofcourse!!

The reel highlight of the night (see what I did there) though was the deep sea ice sculptures exhibit, having never been in any kind of ice bar or similar experience before it was quite a shock stepping through the doors and into sub zero temperatures (-10°C)! But this added to the fun and seeing people extremely unprepared for the cold was even funnier to see.

According to the information inside the exhibit, the sculptures took about 6 months to complete..

The level of detail in some of these ice divers is insane, and with the inclusion of the trippy lights and undersea soundscape, it makes for quite the psychedelic experience..

Entrance to the ice sculptures is around £10 depending on if you visit during peek of off-peek.

Be sure to grab a photo on the ice thrones, much better than the green screen photo they take as you enter the exhibit. For some reason I thought it would be a great idea to strip down before the photo.. as you can see from my face, it was pretty fecking brisk! Especially when my back touched the ice ahaha!

ice thrones

If you're looking for something festive to do this winter in London it's worth a visit, and its free to enter, so go grab a mulled wine and enjoy some Xmas songs in a wonderland of lights, rides and comfort food ✌

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