Looking to set out on your own backpacking adventure?

Or wanting to start your own travel blog?

Well these are the tools that we think you will need!

Photography And Video:

We love our go-pro, it has been the way we have captured most of the footage from our travels. It's a super reliable tool, with lots of extra kit available to use it in adventure activities really well. We use it for time-lapse's and general footage, but it's great for photo's too. Check out our guide to taking amazing photo's on your go-pro. Below is a quick example of what it can do! (With a bit of video editing haha!)

If your planning on taking some photos of the Milky way and the stars then these little guy is a must! It can be set up pretty much anywhere... you can curl it round a tree branch, set it up on an uneven rock, or hang it upside down if needed. We really recommend this over a traditional tripod, below is an example of the kind of photo you can take while the GorillaPod keeps the camera steady:

By the way, this was taken on a GoPro..

Our canon G16 has been our most exciting acquisition in the last 6 months. It has transformed our photography from basic and go-pro, to some ridiculously awesome shots. We can highly recommend it as an affordable travel camera. Below is just one example of what it can do!

The canon G16 didn't let us down at this amazing moment!

The canon G16 didn't let us down at this amazing moment!

Backpacker Must-Haves:

This little baby is Taran's pride and joy, after putting up with listening to music through our phones for a year on the road, we went ahead and treated ourselves to an upgrade.. It may be a little bit heavy but just get rid of a few extra clothing items haha! The sound quality is amazing, we did a lot of research before buying it so you can be sure this will impress!

You never know when a downpour can happen.. having this bag has actually saved our laptops life, really! We had left it under our wooden bed in our tent on Fraser Island whilst at work (for security) And all of a sudden rains unheard of on a Australian summers day flooded the whole campsite.. We rushed back to our tent to find the laptop in a puddle! Our hearts skipped a beat.. but the bag had saved us from a unwanted expensive replacement :D We definitely recommend!

These babys can pack quite some charge! You never know when your gunna be stranded without power, and this thing could save your life! We have been able to charge our phones about 3/4 times from one charge on this portable battery.

We really cant recommend these little guys enough, they make packing your bag so much easier!! You can sort your tops into one bag, your bottoms into another and just generally keep your bag much more easy to sort out.


We really enjoyed this book about how our world is changing from that of our materialist parents with the millennial shift into more minimalist and experiential values. Definitely worth checking out! 

So we would be mad to not recommend our own book!

Blogging Tools:

Tailwind is a great tool that we have recently started using, oh how we wish we had found it earlier! It analyses your followers and sees when they are most active, then creates a schedule of times to send out pins, all you have to do is go add the content to the list and it will send them out automatically, saving so much time and meaning you don't have to worry about sending too much out at once.


Our go-to web-design tool that we use to create all of our pinterest images, web-thumbnail's, even our resume. Check out our basic how-to guide.

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