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creating a sound social media strategy

What drives NHF Consulting and Coaching?

Building a successful brand or business has always been dependant on people; the general public knowing who you are, wanting to be a part of what you do, recommend you and build you up.

But most importantly its about having passionate and knowledgeable people behind the scenes creating something others will respect, remember and love.

In this digital age it’s about marrying the two more creatively than ever before; locating your loyal custom now means understanding where your people are congregating, which now is often in the online world, and then appreciating the best way to connect with them.

Are you a small business, newly self-employed and looking to grow awareness for your brand, product or service?

Are you a creative, maybe a photographer, blogger or videographer, looking to build your online presence?

Here at NHF Consulting and Coaching, we offer guidance and practical help in developing your online presence and marketing strategy.

We can aid you with social media (opening accounts, developing a strategy, using automation software) and website/blog design (critique and suggestions for improvements).

As successful bloggers for two years most recently garnering around 11,000 unique visitors a month and 18,000 page views, plus 20,000 social followers, we have developed an extensive knowledge of what works well in social media marketing and web design/content.

We want to help you understand social media and website design, what will work for you and what won’t, and not simply implement changes but help you grasp the why of successful strategy.

Who can we help?

  • People just getting started online, with a website/blog and/or small business.

  • People who need to build the foundations of their knowledge on social media.

  • People looking to improve their website design.

  • People who seek clear guidance and motivation to create a great website/social media strategy/marketing plan.

Some words from a happy customer:

TESTIMONIAL from Ocean Shensei of Light Self Therapy.
“Hi Taran,  thanks so much for all the teckky advice you have given me.  Your expertise on my website is just what I needed.  There was no question for me that you couldn't answer.  I thank you for your patience with me in explaining clearly and showing me what needed to be done.  My website has gone from 400 hits per month to over 1000!  That's because of you and your website knowledge.  :)  Ocean”

See how we roll on social media:


What do we charge?

We offer a free initial ½ hour consultation where we assess your needs and discuss your wants, to ascertain the best way we can help you going forward.

We offer two differently priced core services.

SOCIAL 1 is all about establishing a grounding knowledge in how to use social media + initial setup of 1-3 accounts.

The goal of this session is to see you able to understand how to use different platforms on a basic level with some suggestions for optimal strategy.

This service does not include ongoing social media management or web design (see below for these services).

Includes but not limited to:

  • Creating accounts for Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, and coaching you on how to use these to build your brand awareness and exposure.
  • Developing and coaching you on a social media strategy to build beneficial connections for your business, product or service.
  • Help you navigate the best social media automation software for your business.
  • Answering your questions on these above areas, helping you build your existing knowledge-base, skills and strategy.

SOCIAL AND WEB 2 is a mixture of Social 1 plus a concentrated critique of your current website/design/blog strategy.

The goal of this session (combined with the goal of Social 1) is to help you see how your current blog/website might not be working or could be improved. We can make some of these changes for you during the session but offer general advice for future strategy also.


  • An honest review of your website/blog, its design elements, ease of use, SEO, and overall brand communication.
  • Implement small alterations to your web design and introduce new elements in-line with your brand and marketing.
  • Suggest other future changes and ideas to maintain your websites appeal.

Extras 1 and 2 can be discussed during the meeting but are priced also.


What next?

For more information and to discuss your needs, contact us via email at where we can arrange either a Skype meeting, an actual meeting or a phone call, today!

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