Yo, Taran here!

Are you a bit like me; obsessed with leading a simpler life, with less stuff, more travel and a shit-ton of fulfilment?

Maybe you're considering clearing your debts, selling all your crap, quitting your 9-5 and starting a-fresh?

taran ramshaw

I actually did just that.

I changed my spending habits, got rid of the majority of my material possessions, cleared all debts, left behind my job, and then embarked on a new journey as a working traveller.

Since 2014 I have shared my transformative path via travel chronicles and advice on a myriad of topics such as..




Nomad'er How Far begins..

In 2014, I started this website with my former partner Hannah, the goal was to help us to reach our savings goals and fulfil our travelling aspirations, we started blogging purely to document this momentous time in our lives, but that soon changed when when we realised how much we loved doing this!

Our first version of the site was really, really bad. We knew very little about the scope of blogging, but we had passion and bundles of enthusiasm, we just didn't yet know how to translate that into creating a great online space, beneficial to not only us, but to others out there wanting to lead a more fulfilling life.

But not long after starting the first site, we gradually researched and learned from others and knew that we had to up our game. So we upgraded our site and focused a lot of time on building the blog to where it is today; a space for people seeking actionable inspiration that will change their life.

Since I lead a minimalist lifestyle there is a lot of information on that topic here, Hannah even went and wrote a self-help book all about it. I'm also an avid photographer and love to help out anyone looking to get serious with their photos, alongside photography I love to produce regular travel videos from the footage I collect, check out the video below for a sneak peek of my work and how I travel..

A little about me..

"Taran spent his youth behind a camera, filming home videos and funny skits with his friends, which grew into short films and eventually helped with the videography and photography he now creates for Nomad'er How Far."

I've always been a bit of a wanderer; if I see a big hill I have to climb it! 

I love adventure and seeing new places, wildlife and cultures in our journeys. I have a big passion for art and drawing, which I combine with my love of space and the Universe. Before starting to travel I used spray cans to create my own space-art.!

I'm also big into music and love sharing my music taste with new people around the world! One of the main things I enjoy about travelling is leaving most of the technology behind and living a bit simpler, with people who don't have a smart phone in front of their face 24/7.

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