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Why you should feel confident in me..

I approach this blog with passion, attention to detail and enthusiasm; I dream of a life of travel but I also enjoy the prospect of this being our potential career, not just an awesome hobby.

Taran is adventurous, fearless and one of those people who seem to have endless energy; these qualities make him brilliant for trying out new exciting travel-based activities. Taran is a dab-hand with the web-design for this site and loves developing it's look and ease of use for our readers. Also creating the videos for our Youtube channel, he has lots of experience in filming and editing short films and is a wiz on a canon camera.

Together we make a awesome team, delivering useful and interesting content designed to guide our readers to the best travelling experiences.


As of: April 2017

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Our website has had a steady increase of traffic over the last year and we continue to grow its audience everyday, making it the perfect place for travel based adverts.

What can we do for you?

We want to advertise, review and discuss you and your products via...

  • Banner ads
  • Reviewing products
  • Reviewing accommodation
  • Promoting exciting activities

Please email us at if you are interested in advertising with us, adverts should be in 'Skyscraper' ratio for best effect on our site.

Anything else?

Our interests our broad, and our audience has a wide-range of interests to. We really can effectively promote to an open and captive audience on any number of the above concepts.

Please note: While we are happy to provide reviews of travel-related products, accommodation and activities, our 100% honest opinions will always be used.

  • Social Media Management: Hannah offers a comprehensive approach to social media strategy and is looking to help other budding websites and blogger's establish a social media following, through being present yet relevant, interactive yet specific in communication. With expertise in Pinterest curation, and designing great graphics on Canva, Hannah offers these services to branding looking to build their pinterest presence, a key traffic driver for many business niches.
  • Web Design & Video Filming/Editing: Taran is the man behind every design element of this blog. He is also is well-versed in editing videos to create dynamic, interesting and polished creations. He is adept at using various editing software, and really enjoys sinking his teeth into a new project, ranging from the themes of travel, exciting activities, music, business advertising, but of course is open to anything. Taran also offers eBook formatting and website design consulting.

Here is a great example of our video editing work: 1 Year Of Travel In 1 Minute

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