Best Place To View Tokyo Tower

Managing to find a few rooftops that where easy-ish to access, I ended up sleeping on one with Tokyo Tower providing an dreamy view to drift off to and..

Best Place To View Tokyo Tower

Visiting Tokyo and want to get some incredible views of Japans famous Tokyo Tower? You could always visit it and pay to go up inside it, but in my opinion the best views of Tokyo Tower are the free ones in the evening when it lights up like a Christmas tree!

There are various quiet little spots dotted around the Tokyo Tower which offer great close up views and places to relax during the evening while taking in the awe of the light show.

One of my favourite places is a small circular park (Google Maps link) located about 200 metres from Tokyo Tower which seems to be the perfect distance to view the entire tower! It is a moderately sized open patch of grass which also happens to be visited my many dog owners in the evening, so while you're enjoying the lights you can pet some doggos as well! Bonus!!

Feeling a tad daring?

Your could always get an even crazier view that includes the city skyline from above, and I don't mean paying to go to observation deck.. I managed to find a few rooftops that were easy-ish to access, I even ended up sleeping on one with Tokyo Tower providing an dreamy view to drift off to and a welcoming sight to wake up to!

But you will have to find out these places for yourself.. and I accept no responsibility if you get caught :P

If you want to enjoy the tower without the crowds, this park rarely gets that busy and can be quite a romantic spot to visit :)

If you've got the time to spend an evening tower watching then I highly recommend this park, be sure to take a few snacks and your camera!ย 

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