Borderless Exhibit // Mori Digital Art Museum Tokyo

Borderless Exhibit // Mori Digital Art Museum Tokyo

The Borderless art exhibit being permanently held at the Mori Digital Art Museum in Odaiba is a must see for anyone visiting Tokyo. After hearing about this new experience I knew it was going to be something I had to do, and luckily I managed to get some early tickets before it started selling out a month in advance (and I'm sure that it will only get more popular). 

Upon entering this surreal world you will be instantly mesmerised as you find the main hall which has a raised platform which is a great place to take photos (it also acts a fun slide), the art in this room also interacts with you if you stand still!

Walk through a curtain hidden along one of the walls of this room and you will be transported into a mirrored realm of dream-like music and hanging lights, let your inner child come out as you follow the maze of paths though this bewildering forest of luminescence.

When you enter the flower forest you will be surrounded by mirrors and walls that will have you disorientated by the amount of colour and movement all around you. The feeling of sober hallucinating is intense and I cant only imagine what this would be like on some kind of drug, most probably too intense!

One of the most incredible parts of the exhibit was laying down on a huge net suspended in a cylinder shaped room and watching an explosion of shapes and colours dance above, below and all around us. Don't miss this part (although you will have to queue for a little bit to get inside).

After visiting this visually spectacular exhibit I am left wanting more, and luckily it seems like more of these types of modern art pieces are popping up in big city's around the world. I will definitely be on the look for the next trip down the rabbit hole, and so will you after you step out of wonderland..

Now it's time for the video:

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